Fast video

ADplayer platform

Ad Players targeting and delivery systems makes video advertising fast, pointed and effective.

  • Сlear&clever bidding
  • CDN takes care about the media all the time
  • All major ad formats are covered

Publishers can monetize through in-app/website video ads that blend into their content. Flexible placements mean publishers can control when their users see ads.

Advertisers can use the tools to identify websites and apps at their peak, for better advertising opportunities, and find their desired target audience through demographic usage data.

FAST delivery

by our delivery network

easy integration

industry standarts supported


real-time stats and reporting


for new and long-term partners


Technology background

ADplayer cloud platform

Our cloud platform is ideal for fast delivery of your video advertising anywhere in the world with the best possible response.

Html 5 video

We use Html 5 video - open and community-supported format that widely available on a variety of mass consumer devices

Video ads standart

Our advertising platform supports all commonly recognized formats, including technology VAST. If you require a personalized solution, please contact us - we will make a solution for you within 48 hours


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